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Nail Designs:
I started doing nails when I was younger, but over the past few years I've been interested in really funky ideas for nails. So I recieved an amazing nail polish kit with these detailers so that I could create very intricate designs. Since then I have done a lot of peoples nails and occasioanlly get paid for them which is always a plus. It's great getting paid for doing something you love. Below are a few of my favourite designs.
Duct Tape Products:

These creations started when I stumbled across a site called Duct Tape Nation. He creates these cool bags from duct tape only. So I decided one day I needed a purse that would hold my Kindle DX so I used his images and created my own. My bright green and black duct tape purse (not shown), which I use everyday. The pictures shown are of my friend, whom I made a special birthday present, a giant laptop bag so he can carry around his 17" laptop (These pictures aren't that great, and were taken after a couple months of being used almost everyday). These are a basic weave, and I just finished a similar bag for a laptop as shown below (These pictures are much better and show the bag just minutes after completion).

Comic Wallets:

These creations consist of little more then paper, ink and tape. These were an experiment to find another funky wallet to make besides multi-coloured duct tape and electrical tape wallets. The first wallet I made was a simple one because it was the birthday of my boyfriend at time. It has 5 comics on it. The second one I made was for myself. It was a way to make a long flat wallet that no one else had. The third one was for a girl who wanted one for a friend of hers, in a more guy style of wallet. I did another one in the guy's style for the dad of a friend of mine. His was more complicated as it incorporated pictures of his triathlon races and and quotes on green paper. So the photos had to be done separately from the wallet then applied later. The latest one shown here was done in the style of the Wu-Tang for my boyfriend out west for his birthday, this one was a more complicated as he wanted two 'windows' (there is another of the other side of the flap that folds out) and he wanted all 9 members so to make it even I had to put 3 down the center.
This movies entitle Passing Time By, was a project in a course called Media and Technology. The objective was to take an idea and create a 2min video to represent it. There is also a blog that follows my progress through the video ( The original concept I wished to work with the idea of time and my perception of the passage of time. I filmed 2 hours of tape from segments of a day in my life and condensed it into 2 minutes. It was my first experience using the editing technology needed to create the video. The editing part was definitely a learning process that took multiple attempts to get the film to become what I wanted.
The first piece shown is one of my abstract works. I created the design during a math class doodling on graph paper. It consists of 16 panels of prepainted board, each 7 ” by 7 7 8 7 8” space ¾ apart creating a square 33 ¾” by 33 ¾”. The paint underneath creates a unique texture through out the piece. I used straight lines to create the curved look and the graduating colours accent the iris of the eye framed by giant lashes created with the outer lines.
Paintings and other media:
So this little bit is going to be a hodgepodge of pictures of some of the things I have done over the years. There are a few painted pieces, a 3-D piece and other medias.there are explanations that go along with them, and I will eventually post them. But for now.

The house is on of my favourite projects to undertake. It was a class assignment in a high school architecture class, requiring us to design a luxury home. The only specifications were that we had to write up reports along with the design. I designed all the floor plans and profile renders in AutoCAD. It started as a basic model for school, but I continued to work on it, finishing all the final touches such as the paint, yard and balconies afterward. The biggest challenge was the accuracy of the dimension and the fit of each floor.

This piece is a particular favourite of mine, consisting completely of wood in a style called intarsia, meaning a decorative pattern in a surface similar to a mosaic design. The actual design was not my own, but a pattern I chose from a book in class. However, the wood and placement was all my own chose and has a strong impact on the whole design. The techniques I learned from this piece were unique; I had to learn the use of the tools, for example the scroll saw and router, as well to recognize the grains and colours of the wood that would best work with the design of the piece

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